Government Initiates Zero-Cost UK Nursing Working Visa for Nepalese Nurses.

The Government of Nepal has taken a significant step to provide employment opportunities to Nepali health workers, specifically nurses, in the UK health sector. With the implementation protocol of the bilateral labor agreement between Nepal and the UK government, preparations have begun to send nurses to the UK. This development opens up new avenues for Nepalese nurses, allowing them to apply for UK Nursing Working Visas.

Application Process for UK Working Visa from Nepal:

To facilitate the application process, the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security has prepared an online application system for Nepali nurses aspiring to work in the UK. Interested individuals can submit their applications online.

Qualifications and Requirements:

To be eligible for the UK Nursing Working Visa, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Minimum Qualification: Completion of a 3-year nursing course (PCL Nursing or Bachelor in Nursing)
Work Experience: A minimum of 2 years of nursing work experience
Language Proficiency: Scoring a minimum of 7 points in IELTS is mandatory
Government to Government (G2G) Process: The selection and placement will follow the G2G process between Nepal and the UK governments.

Cost and Salary Scale:

The application for the UK Nursing Working Visa incurs zero cost. Once selected, nurses moving to the UK will be subject to a salary agreement as per UK government regulations. The monthly salary for NHS Working Visas ranges from a minimum of 3100 GBP to 4400 GBP (approximately NRS 4 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs).

Selection and Employment:

Applicants who fulfill the qualifications set by the protocol will undergo a shortlisting process. The selected candidates will then proceed to an interview, after which they will have the opportunity to work in the UK. The Ministry of Labour, in coordination with the Department of Foreign Employment of Nepal and the Department of Health and Social Care of the UK, will ensure the selection and safe placement of health workers in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) through a dignified and orderly process.

Benefits and Opportunities:

Nurses selected from Nepal will initially work as assistants in the UK. Subsequently, they will have the opportunity to register with the nursing council and work as fully-fledged nurses. From the outset, nurses will be paid according to the British government regulations.

Promoting Collaboration and Strengthening the Health Sector:
The labor agreement between Nepal and the UK aims to strengthen and modernize Nepal’s health sector. Cooperation between the Department of Foreign Employment of Nepal and the Department of Health and Social Care of the UK, as well as designated bodies, will continue to ensure mutual benefits.

The zero-cost UK Nursing Working Visa initiative by the Government of Nepal provides an exceptional opportunity for Nepalese nurses to work in the UK’s health sector. The streamlined application process and attractive salary scales make it an attractive prospect for qualified nurses. This bilateral agreement signifies a positive milestone in the foreign employment sector, allowing for safe and dignified placements while strengthening the collaboration between the two countries in the healthcare domain.

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