Latest Update on Petrol, Diesel, and LPG Gas Cylinder Prices in Nepal

petrol price in nepal

Nepal Oil Corporation, also known as NOC Nepal Oil Nigam, has recently announced a reduction in the prices of petroleum products in Nepal. In a move to benefit the common consumers, the corporation has decreased the prices of petrol and diesel, while keeping the LPG gas cylinder prices stable. This update brings relief to the people as they can now enjoy more affordable fuel options.

Petrol Price in Nepal:

The new petrol prices in Nepal are as follows: Rs. 167.50/-, Rs. 169/-, and Rs. 170/- per liter for the first, second, and third category respectively. This adjustment, effective from 12 midnight on Monday, brings the petrol price down from Rs. 170 per liter in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Dipayal areas to Rs. 167.50 paise per liter in the border areas with India.

Diesel Price in Nepal:

For diesel, the prices remain unchanged, ranging from Rs. 147.50/- to Rs. 150/- per liter, depending on the category. This decision ensures that diesel remains accessible to consumers at affordable rates.

LPG Gas Cylinder Price in Nepal:

The LPG gas cylinder price in Nepal remains stable at Rs. 1800/- per cylinder. The corporation has made efforts to maintain the price in consideration of the common consumers’ interests and various obligations, including loans and price stabilization funds.

Nepal Oil Corporation’s recent reduction in petrol and diesel prices is a positive development for the consumers, making fuel more affordable. The stable LPG gas cylinder price is a relief for households. With these adjustments, the corporation aims to balance the interests of consumers while managing its financial obligations effectively.

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