New Bus Fare Rates in Nepal: New Public Transportation Fare Lists

New bus fare nepal, The Department of Transportation has implemented a fare adjustment system that automatically adjusts the fares of public transport based on the price of fuel. In this article, we will discuss the recent changes in fare rates for both passenger and freight vehicles, along with the new fare lists for popular routes.


Fare Adjustment System for Public Transport:

The Department of Transportation has established a scientific fare adjustment system that ensures the fares of public transport are adjusted automatically. This system takes into account the fluctuations in fuel prices as the basis for fare adjustments. If the market price of fuel increases or decreases by 5% or more, the fare of inter-provincial public transport is automatically adjusted accordingly.

Increased Fuel Prices and Impact on Fares:

With the recent rise in fuel prices, the fares of public transport have also witnessed a significant increase. The Department of Transportation Management has issued a notice to increase the maximum fare for inter-state passengers. This adjustment aims to maintain a balance between the rising fuel costs and the affordability of public transportation for passengers.

Adjusted Fare Rates for Passenger and Freight Vehicles:

The fare rates for both passenger vehicles and cargo trucks have been adjusted based on the new system. Here are the updated fare rate percentages for different types of vehicles:

Passenger vehicles: 3.20% decrease
Cargo vehicles operating on mountain hilly roads: 4.19% decrease
Cargo vehicles operating on the Terai route roads: 4.65% decrease
These adjustments aim to provide relief to passengers and freight carriers while ensuring the sustainability of the public transportation system.

Bus Fare Rates for Popular Routes:

Here are the new bus fare rates for some of the popular routes in Nepal:

Kathmandu to Ilam: Rs 1938/-
Kathmandu to Kathari: Rs 1156/-
Kathmandu to Kalaiya: Rs 810/-
Kathmandu to Kakarbhitta: Rs 1684/-
Kathmandu to Kothiyaghat: Rs 1634/-
Kathmandu to Dhangadhi: Rs 1899/-
Kathmandu to Dharan: Rs 1496/-
Kathmandu to Bhairahawa: Rs 806/-
Kathmandu to Mahendranagar: Rs 1915/-
Kathmandu to Butwal: Rs 746/-
Narayanghat to Bhairahawa: Rs 395/-
Narayanghat to Pokhara: Rs 384/-
Please note that these fares are subject to change based on future adjustments.

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In conclusion, the Department of Transportation in Nepal has implemented an automated fare adjustment system for public transport to ensure fair pricing in accordance with fuel price fluctuations. The recent adjustments have brought about changes in the fare rates for both passenger and freight vehicles. It is crucial for passengers and freight carriers to stay updated with the latest fare rates to plan their journeys effectively. We hope this blog post has provided you with the necessary information regarding the

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